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India's culinary culture has had a long tradition of using flowers for therapeutic purposes, to balance out tastes and fragrances and to embellish dishes. 

One of the most popular edible flowers are the ones of the zucchini plant, which have a delicate and slightly sweet taste. The bright, yellow flowers are usually stuffed with herbs and goat cheese and batter-fried for a quick snack. 

The sunset-hued marigold is known as the "poor man's saffron," which is sautéed in olive oil to release a flavour similar to that of saffron. Uncooked marigold petals have a subtle, slightly spicy taste and add depth as garnish to Easter devilled eggs.

Both tart and sweet, petals of hibiscus flowers have a cranberry-like flavour that makes them ideal for teas and cocktails. 

Here’s a quiz to test how much you know about edible flowers. 

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