Quiz: Whatever floats your goat!

Mutton is generically sheep meat but in South Asian and Caribbean cuisine, ‘mutton’ is often referred to as goat meat. Mutton curry was originally prepared by putting all the ingredients together in an earthen pot and slow-cooking the whole curry by fire in a clay oven.

The preparation of mutton requires little skill but practice often helps to acquire the meat to be tender and moist. In Kashmiri cuisine, mutton is used in Wazwan, a meal of 36 courses that are served during weddings. In Bengal, the mutton curry dish kosha mangsho is very popular which has less juice and more gravy than other curries.

Popular mutton dishes from different states in India consist of Andhra Gongura Mamsam, Mutton Kuzhambu, Mutton Korma, Sali Boti, Nalli Nihari, and many more.

If you are a fan of mutton, then this quiz is for you.

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