Quiz: We whisk you a merry Christmas!

Christmas is a festive time, and the feast is the main attraction of the holiday. Christmas dinners look different as you move around the world. Italians serve at least seven fish, whereas Puerto Rican and Filippino celebrate around a roast suckling pig. Regardless of these variations, all Christmas foods share the same spirit of the merry days. 

Roast potatoes are a classic Christmas dish that compliments all meat dishes on the table. The delicious dish is prepared by roasting potatoes spiced with crushed garlic, fresh rosemary or thyme, with a dash of oregano and some lemons. The most well-known Christmas food combination is chocolate and peppermint. Peppermint bark and peppermint hot chocolate are some go-to drinks for a holiday. 

Turkeys are the go-to holiday meat, primarily because they can serve large groups of people. The turkey can be cooked in butter or streaky bacon with a stuffing of your choice and intense flavours such as lemon and garlic. Stuffing options vary from the classic sage and onion or sausage and apple stuffing to apricot and hazelnut. Pigs in blankets, another classic Christmas dish is often served with cocktail sticks or decorated with fresh herbs like rosemary and dips like Dijon mustard or a sweet chilli sauce on the side. 

If you’re excited to celebrate Christmas foods, then this quiz is for you! 

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