Quiz: Vegan is the new black.

Veganism is the new health alternatives for those who want to eat a more plant-based meal. Vegan dishes can be a vibrant and wholesome meal. 

While looking for a satisfying alternative to meat, the closest vegan option is the lentil bolognese. Cook the bolognese with flavourful sauce and pair it with pasta or polenta for a hearty meal. Add lemony cashew cream sauce, a jumble of savory, spicy, crisp, and juicy veggies, and big handfuls of fresh basil to pizza dough to prepare a vegan pizza. 

Vegan rolls are a delicacy if made with curry mashed potatoes, roasted cauliflower, chickpeas, fresh spinach, cilantro mint chutney and pickled onions. Another vegan recipe that will warm your heart is the coconut rice bowl made with curried jasmine rice cooked in coconut milk tossed with protein, vegetables, sauce, fresh cilantro, mint and toasted coconut flakes. And obviously, there are plenty of salad options that available to vegans. 

If you’re a fan of vegan recipes, then this quiz is for you! 

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