Quiz: This will come in candy!

Ever since Indians extracted brown sugar from sugarcane juice about 3000 years ago, there has been no dearth of sweet treats that became an integral part for various regional Indian cuisines. But even before sugar and sugar-based treats reached the West, Egyptians used to make candies using honey while Greeks used the same honey to make candles!

Candies have a rather twisted history. Once considered as medicine for the rich, early forms of sugar-based candies decorated the tables of only those who could afford it. However, as the supply of sugar became abundant and candies began getting mass-produced, they came to be considered as treats enjoyed by children around the world.

From penny candies to cotton candies, keeping track of the range and assortment of sugar-based treats available today is virtually impossible. But if you’re one with a sweet tooth, this quiz should be a breeze. 

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