Quiz: Sugar and spice, and everything nice!

Spices are the soul of any cuisine across the world. They have been traded for over 7,000 years and played a major role in the development of civilisations. Wars were fought, lands explored and colonised in an attempt to find new ways of obtaining spices from the Orient to gain control of established trade routes. 

Condiments elevate the flavour of natural food items and transport you to a zone of culinary nirvana (that rich essence of oregano and garlic when the steaming bowl of creamy pasta arrives at your table; or the mouth-watering smell of crushed spices in a plate of Yakhni Pulao that you have to wolf down in seconds). 

It’s hard to imagine cooking without spices. They are essentially natural flavouring elements found mostly in a dried form but can sometimes be fresh. They are the perfect catalyst to zhuzh up your favourite pot of mutton curry, or the go-to bowl of clear soup on a day when you’re just feeling low. 

The growing popularity of Indian spices across the globe has also kickstarted a new wave in the culinary world — that of fusion. If you are an ardent follower of cooking reality shows, you'd notice how chefs from all over the world are incorporating Indian spices like saffron or turmeric in their traditional dishes to whip up something wildly unexpected, and infinitely delicious.

Take this quiz if you like to browse through grocery store shelves for that one perfect addition to your weekend special dish. 

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