Quiz: Short summer-y sip!

During summers, temperatures begin to soar, leaving everyone feeling fatigued, sweaty and messed up. Staying hydrated is the most important factor to keep going in the sweltering heat and maintain good health. Your body tends to lose water at a faster pace due to excessive sweating. While water is the ultimate drink to quench thirst, you can try other summer-y beverages that not only satisfy your thirst but also keep your body cool. 

Let's refresh and replenish our body with masala chhaas, nimbu paani and some of the best summer beverages/drinks in order to beat the heat. 

To arm you with a generous dose of summer in a glass, here are some interesting and amusing questions about some of our favourite summer drinks, from the daiquiri to the piña colada.

We suggest you take this refreshing quiz on summer drinks that you must not miss!

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