Quiz: Sending you a cup of positivi-tea.

Tea is the most consumed beverage across the globe almost by two-thirds of the world’s population and is made from the processed leaf of Camellia sinensis. Teas come in different types, and the major reason for that is how they are produced and processed according to the different processes of drying and fermentation that determine their chemical composition.

Black tea is withered, fully oxidized and dried, and commonly yields a hearty amber-coloured brew. Green tea is produced by using young tea leaves and sold for consumption without fermentation after withering, steaming or pan firing, drying and grading. Oolong tea is mainly consumed in China and Taiwan and varies in flavour depending on where the tea leaves are grown and how the tea is made.

Some other types of tea are herbal tea which includes chamomile tea, rooibos, peppermint, Hibiscus and ginger, white tea and different kinds of flavoured milk teas.

If you are a fan of tea, this quiz is for you.

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