Quiz: Seafood is shrimply the best!

For centuries, seafood has been an important food for humans. It contributes to almost 15 per cent of the entire world’s protein intake. The range of fishes that are consumed in different parts of the world is bony, primitive, freshwater and saltwater. Some examples are lobsters, crabs, shrimps, prawns, clams, oysters, cockles, mussels, snails, scallops, squids, and octopuses.

Fishes such as Tilapia have a very mild taste and are a good start for non-fish eaters. Cooking it in butter, lemon, and garlic is preferred. For lobster recipes cooking the knuckles and dressing them with mayo will give one the sweetest and tenderest meat on the fish. Charred smoky seafood is prepared with potatoes, butter, parsley, paprika, garlic, and lemon zest.

Shrimp, andouille sausage, corn, and potatoes with Cajun pepper spices boiled on a sheet pan is a delicious seafood dish. Sea bass is a favourite of many and cooking the tender fish with turmeric, chilli powder, and ketchup, coating it in green chutney, and crispy frying it provides one with an innovative chutney fish recipe.

If you’re a fan of seafood dishes, this quiz is for you!

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