Quiz: Rise and Dine!

Breakfast which is a contraction for ‘breaking your overnight fast’ is the first and most significant meal of the day. It is highly advised that breakfast dishes be nutrient-dense, containing foods that will pump you up for the day. Breakfast recipes vary depending on what the requirements are- a quick meal or something savoury. For a balanced meal, breakfast dishes must contain whole grains over refined flour, fruits and vegetables with natural colour, and an absence of immoderate amounts of sugar and sodium. 

South Indian breakfast dishes include idlis, dosas, ven pongal or vadas coupled with green or red chutney and sambhar. High contents of proteins are derived from the rice and pulses in these dishes. Filter coffee is the preferred breakfast beverage. Dishes such as rava upma, poha, semiya upma, rava idli, besan chilla, suji appe, moong dal chilla, and rava dosa can be prepared quickly in the mornings within 20 to 25 minutes. 

Among Gujaratis, varieties of dhoklas are preferred for breakfast. Khaman dhokla, rava dhokla, doodhi muthias, cabbage jowar muthias, and theplas are other favoured dishes. Aloo paratha, gobi parathas, kulcha with channa, and chole couples with lassi is a Punjabi favourites. If easy breakfast recipes are what you require, then oatmeal prepared in almond milk along with cut-up fruits is a quick and nourishing meal. Additionally, apple cinnamon smoothies can also be quickly prepared.

If you love breakfast dishes, then this quiz is for you!

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