Quiz: Ramadan ki pehli sehri Mubarak ho!

Ramadan is the 9th and holiest month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims across the world fast during the hours of daylight. After dusk Muslims break their fast with a meal called the iftar, often eaten with family members or with the local community at a mosque. Another smaller meal known as suhoor is eaten just before dawn.

People from around the world have different kinds of traditions tied to breaking the fast. In the most traditional sense, people break their fast with water and dates. Iftar is a heavy meal (practically a feast) most include chicken and mutton dishes which are washed down with cool refreshing drinks. In South India, especially in Hyderabad, people break their fast with haleem, a flavourful dish with a rich taste.

The varieties of delicious food consumed during Ramadan include shorba, a lentil soup popular in the Middle East, kibbe, kheema samosa, Afgani Bolani (stuffed flatbread), ful medammes, kebabs, beguni ( fried eggplant dish from Bangladesh), fattoush, pakora and many more. Desserts such as fresh fruit salad, kunafa (flaky pastry), baklava, kolak, kheer are included in the big feast.

If you are a fan of these delicious edibles then this quiz is for you.

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