Quiz: Make your heart go bi-bim-bap!

If the Hallyu wave hasn't washed over you yet, maybe this is a perfect time. After all, what better way to experience a culture than the delectable desserts it has to offer!

Unlike in the western world, where desserts are a sweet treat that can be popped into the mouth anytime, anywhere, traditional Korean desserts were an occasional speciality. Freshly cut fruit, teas, and sometimes old, traditional cookies or rice cakes define most Korean desserts, which have now made a special niche among the more popular global desserts.

Songpyeon (Rice Cakes), Yakgwa (Honey Pastry), Hwajeon (Pan-fried Sweet Rice Cakes with Flower Petals) and many more are the major attractions of Korean desserts.

Whether it's K-pop, K-dramas or K-desserts, Korea seems to be winning in all aspects!

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