Quiz: Let's Pumpkin Spice Things Up

Halloween season is here, and it comes with a whole lot of pumpkin goodness. 

Ginger pumpkin pie, mashed pumpkin, Hobak-juk, pumpkin bread, and so much more are enough to turn a little extra festive in the fall season.

It's a lesser-acknowledged fact that pumpkins are not vegetables but fruits and are a part of the squash family. What is wonderful about pumpkins is that almost the entirety of the fruit is edible. The yellow-orange flowers on the pumpkin vine can be fried as fritters, while when roasted, pumpkin seeds are delicious and have medicinal properties.

Pumpkins are truly the real kings! Be it for Jack-o-lantern decorations or to stuff your face in - it serves every purpose. Early American settlers even dried pumpkin shells, cut them into strips, and wove them into mats - talk about multi-purpose!

So, why not dig into this quiz before you dig into your pumpkin pie?

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