Quiz: Know your street delights

Street food today is glam, gourmet and trendy, and is discussed across food vlogs and magazines. 

The custom of preparing and cooking on the streets dates back to the dawn of civilization, around ten thousand years ago. 

The most popular of street foods dates back to the Egyptian custom (traditional in the port of Alexandria and subsequently adopted throughout Greece) of frying fish and selling it on the streets. This was done in mini-kitchens, facing the main street directly. These spaces were used for selling various types of cooked food, particularly stews of farro, and beans or cicerchia. 

The middle-class citizens of the time lived in apartments, which were essentially blocks of flats lacking kitchens. So most of them came down to eat on the street, buying their food from the nearest thermopolium (akin to the modern-day pop-up restaurants), that supplied nourishing dishes affordable by all. 

From these days of yore to the current craze around around-the-corner delights, street foods have evolved considerably. 

So, if you’re one to binge on delectable street delicacies, you must take this quiz to know where you stand on the most famous street delights. 

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