Quiz: Keep it Shrimple!

Prawns are a favourite for all seafood lovers, and they are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Freshwater shrimps are a delicacy, mostly enjoyed as curries, deep-fried, or even as condiments. They are a staple in the coastal regions of across India.

Kerela fried prawn is a tempting dish prepared with fresh ingredients such as mustard seeds, crackling curry leaves, turmeric, fiery chillies, lemon juice, and prawns. Tiger prawns are not just delicious but also have high nutritional value.

Other prawn dishes include karawari prawns, palau, malai prawn curry, prawn balcho, pollichathu, koliwada prawns, and garlic prawns and prawn curry.

If you are a fan of tiger prawns, then this quiz is for you.

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