Quiz: It’s time to pickle your fancy!

An Indian platter is incomplete without a dollop of achaar grazing the corner of the plate, enhancing the taste of the food and enticing the taste buds. If not for the taste, the memory of making pickles at your grandma's stays tucked in the soft corners of the heart of almost every Indian.

However, India’s relation with pickles dates back 4000 years to the valleys of the Tigris River. If that is not shocking enough, the Kannada text Lingapurana of Gurulinga Desika mentions more than fifty kinds of pickles!

No wonder Indian cuisine celebrates a variety of achaars - Avakai of South India, Gongura pachadi of Andhra Pradesh, Green chilli pickle, Amla pickle, mango pickle, and so much more.

It’s awe-inspiring how the age-old method of preserving food continues to incorporate tangy and spicy flavours, serving both euphoria and relish one bite at a time.

If you are as much of a pickle fan or find yourself in a pickle more often than not, try out this super pickl-y quiz for some tangy fun!

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