Quiz: It’s time for a boulangerie visit!

France is known for its delectable baked goods that leave most in awe. While it might get overwhelming to find the best among the best in France, the word 'boulangerie' might be a lot helpful.

Boulangeries are French bakeries serving sumptuous baked goods at almost every street corner in France. Boulangeries are known for their elaborate window display of their decadent baked eats to lure customers.

Some boulangeries may even have a sign titled 'Artisan Boulanger' which alludes to the fact that the baked goods available at the store are fresh and in all probability, made at the very same bakery

Crunchy baguettes, mouth-watering viennoiseries, delicious pastries, and a long queue outside the store is sure sign of a well-loved boulangerie.

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