Quiz: It’s all Okra now!

Ever since the early Egyptians began cultivating  okra, it has spread across the globe and has found its way into our kitchens.

In the early days, okra seed pods were cooked and the seeds were toasted and ground to be used as a substitute for coffee. However, after it transcended through several cultures and cuisine, it has transformed into its current delicious forms we know today.

In India, okra dishes are part and parcel of most vegetarian meals. bhindi masala, kurkuri bhindi, dahi bhindi, and so many more mouth-watering and delectable preparations make it a delightful addition to a scrumptious meal.

However, people share a love-hate relationship with this veggie - those who love it cannot have enough of it, and those who don’t are deterred by its gooey interior.

As they say, with okra  there is nothing medi-okra.

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