Quiz: Is your home-made cocktail your homie?

You don't need to be a bartender to perfect easy mixed drinks. In fact, some popular mixed drinks can be made right at home and are perfect for impressing guests.

Home-made liqueurs are easy to whip up. They're terrific gifts and can be used to replace many store-bought liqueurs for your favorite cocktails. The basic premise consists of combining a base liquor (e.g., brandy, rum, or vodka), with sugar and flavouring ingredients. You can make a coffee liqueur that rivals Kahlúa, a homemade amaretto that's ready the same day, or a traditional Italian walnut liqueur that's utterly delicious. Fruit liqueurs can range from berries to peaches. 

So sip onto some crackling homemade cocktails while you attempt this quiz on the side. After all, what’s better than a mean martini or a shmancy sangria to accompany you while you aim for a 100% score.

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