Quiz: If it puffer, you supper!

If food is your safe haven, maybe these are not the most ideal for your taste. If not cooked properly, these exotic dishes can lead to a rather dangerous end.

Casu Mazru, the Italian maggot cheese, Okoze sushi, made from the flesh of Stonefish, Blood Clams, and so many more varieties - these foods can kill!

The uniqueness of these exotic dishes comes from varied cultures and traditions. While cooked with utmost precision, a slip can lead to dire consequences.

These dishes can only be cooked by experts and are not for the faint-hearted. The flavours are as special as the bizarreness of the food. However, not only a healthy appetite, but also an open mind is required to dig into these fascinating varieties. 

So, are you adventurous and brave enough to try out this quiz?

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