Quiz: Grilling for your shillings!

Food is a necessity, but a plate of gourmet chicken florentine at a high-end restaurant is nothing short of art.

With dishes costing as high as $25,000, it is sure to put a hole in your pockets by the time the meal is complete. High-end restaurants find the costliest way to make food absolutely tempting, from gold-induced dishes to exotic and expensive ingredients.

While the food is crazy pricey, the serving sizes come in tiny portions, giving way to plenty of expensive-food jokes. Needless to say, the food, while it might not be filling, tastes out of this world.

No wonder high-end restaurants have their bookings full for months in advance. So if your bougie taste buds enjoy expensive, exotic, and supremely delectable food spreads, jump in and take this quiz. 

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