Quiz: Find your way Bebek to some Turkish delight!

One of the oldest cuisines in the world, Turkish cuisine packs just the right amount of flavours. From meat-filled skewers to the crisp and rich borek, it has something for everyone. And who doesn’t love a plate of crunchy baklava, filled with nuts and completely soaked in honey and syrup? It sends your taste buds to a state of pure joy!

Turkish dishes are not just limited to kebabs and koftas. The cuisine, renowned for its rich taste, is largely influenced by the Ottoman heritage and is an amalgamation of Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern, Central Asian, and Eastern European cuisines.  Some of the best-known dishes among a wide array of Turkish delights include manti (a type of dumpling filled with meat), lahmacun (flatbread topped with minced meat, veggies and herbs), menemen (Turkish scrambled eggs), borek (flaky and thin pastry containing meat, spinach and cheese), and haydari (a yogurt dip)

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