Quiz: Explore the taste of Gujarat!

Gujarati cuisine consists of items such as Gujarati thali, dhokla, pathra, samosa, fafda, etc. The heat and flavour of each dish vary. The cuisine consists of sweets (mishthaan) such as mohanthal, jalebi, doodh pak etc. The areas of North Gujarat, Kathiawad, Kachchh, Central Gujarat and South Gujarat each have distinct cuisines.

Khaman is a steamed snack made from ground lentils and chickpea flour. It is similar to dhokla. Adding turmeric, salt and baking soda make the khaman soft and fluffy. Khamans are usually served on a large green leaf called the Kesuda. A classic Gujarati thali on the other hand consists of one or two steamed or fried snacks called farsans, a green vegetable, main courses with vegetables and spices mixed together into a curry or a spicy dry dish, beans, chickpea or dry peas, yoghurt and pulses soup, raita or sweet shrikhand, rice or khichdi, daal usually toor dal, and sweets such as halwas, basundi or shrikhand. 

For winters, undhiyu is a special delicacy of the Gujaratis. It is prepared with eggplant, crunchy muthiyas (fried chickpea flour dumplings), potatoes, yam, green peas, bananas and beans, slow-cooked with buttermilk, coconut and spices. The Sev Tameta nu Shak is a vegetable dish that is sweet, salty, tangy, and spicy and made out of diced tomatoes, and `onions sautéed with oil and spices and then cooked with steam. No matter which Gujarati dish you have, you’re sure to get a treat. 

If you’re a fan of Gujarati cuisine, this quiz is for you! 

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