Quiz: Can You Crack This Odia Food Quiz

Odisha cuisine also known as Odia cuisine is a medley of varied ingredients and practices. Since Odisha is bordered by North Indian states, the food is mostly influenced by Bengali and Assamese cuisine. Snacks are also an important part of Odisha cuisine.

Evenings in Odisha become much more delicious with various snacks, including rolls, dosas, chowmein, gupchup and chat. A bowl of mudhi (puffed rice) and crispy fried pakudi is the ultimate solution to a growling stomach, with the best compliments from a cup of piping hot tea.

Odisha is like a quintessential gourmet centre for every foodie. Some popular dishes include Pakudi, masala mudhi, aloo chop, bara ghuguni, singada, piaji, baigani, chana chadchadi and others.

If you are a fan of Odisha beaches and their food, then this quiz is for you.

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