Quiz: Carb-less cuisines!

A low carbohydrate diet is recommended for those with health risks such as diabetes, and high blood sugar, or to lose weight. It may appear difficult to keep track of carbs as well as nutrition when one is on a diet, but it is not impossible to cook a healthy and tasty low-carb meal. Even superfoods like quinoa and oatmeal contain carbs but are highly recommended during a low-carb diet. 

Grilled or lightly sautéed shrimp when added to your regular meals is a great source of proteins with reduced calories. Zucchini noodles with shrimp, shrimp paella, and shrimp fried rice are some examples of healthy shrimp recipes. Chicken is a well-known source of protein, but beef can also be consumed as an alternative. Stick to cuts such as the eye of round roast, top round roast, bottom round roast and top sirloin steak. 

Low-carb fruits such as berries, cantaloupe, plums, and low-carb vegetables such as cauliflower, zucchini, and sweet potatoes are fine options. Seafood offers a wide range of low-carb options and a rich source of proteins. Salmon, mackerel, tuna and anchovies are the most preferred foods in this category. A nutrient-rich low-carb diet is the need of the times, and there are a variety of choices for each and everyone. 

If you’re a fan of low-carb foods, then this quiz is for you! 

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