Quiz: Butter together with popcorn!

Popcorn or popped corn is referred to the corn kernels that expand when heated up. Popcorn can be prepared from dent corn, flint corn, pod corn, flour corn, or sweet corn. This ingenious dish has been around for about 10,000 years and was first domesticated in Mexico. Earlier, corn was popped on stovetops. Since the invention of popcorn makers, they have increased in popularity and are often consumed as a snack.

Butter and oil are often used for cooking popcorn, but caramelised sugar can make it a sweet snack. There are numerous inventive ways to make popcorn. If you prefer a gourmet popcorn preparation, it can be infused with scotch, seasoned with sea salt, and topped with some salty-sweet ice cream. Flavouring your popcorn with olive oil, fresh rosemary, parmesan cheese, and minced garlic lends it an elegant taste. 

For more experimentative recipes, popcorn can be converted into a cake, an ice-cream sundae, or paired with scrambled eggs for a twist in your breakfast. Adding thick caramel and whole-roasted almonds to the traditional popcorn mix is a great option. Other toppings include coconut flakes, pekan, pumpkin maple sauce, and anchovy paste. 

If you’re a fan of this snack, this quiz is for you! 

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