Quiz: Are you ready for a ladle whisk-y business?

Food and utensils are an inseparable pair in every kitchen in the world. Since ancient times, different cultures have come up with their own versions of utensils that keep the food warm and delicious. 

Did you know? Our relationship with kitchen utensils dates back almost three million years. The first known forms of utensils were made of stone, like mortar and pestle. Wood and clay were also used until the Bronze Age when our ancestors shifted to making utensils out of bronze. 

Soon after came pots and kettles, meat hooks, meat mincers, spatulas, colanders/strainers and ladles, frying pans, and waffle irons! By the 20th century, metals and alloys like iron, silver, tin and aluminium were also being used to make kitchen utensils. 

Before you know it, plasticware and non-sticks came marching down our kitchens and setting their tents.

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