Quick And Easy Summer Special Cocktails Recipes By Mixologist Varun Sharma
Image Credit: Comorin

With summer round the corner, we all are looking for something that’s soothing and refreshing for our mind and body. Not just our wardrobe needs to change but so does our cocktails. The winter appetite has taken a backseat and  it’s all about some good hydration and refreshing drinks only. fruity, herby or frozen is the tone of the season. It’s time to move from the Classic Margarita to Classic Mojito, to even the Red Sangria and try something more exciting and newer. Something that’s perfect either for a brunch or sundowner for your friends and loved ones

How about playing with Gin, one of the coolest cocktail base for the season. You don’t need a reason or time to sip some of the amazing Gin based cocktails that has been specially crafted by non-other than Varun Sharma, Beverage Manager, Comorin, Gurugram. A Whiskey aficionado, his cocktail of choice is Comorin's Pickled Pom Whiskey he shares some summer special cocktails recipes with HT Slurrp. Comorin; all-day restaurant and concept store has been recently ranked 69 in list of Asia’s Best Restaurants. Located at Two Horizon Centre, Gurugram. The space includes a cocktail bar, coffee bar, and a uniquely arranged market space with a selection of items for purchase. The design scheme embodies the unique dining atmosphere and social experience at Comorin. The restaurant offers a menu of comfort dishes and unusual food combinations from across the country. The bar features craft cocktails, including an innovative sous vide infusion counter, and a unique selection of soft beverages and sodas.

Spritzer De Chablis

Ingredients Garnish: Green Apple Slice and Orange 

    Green Apple Infused Gin : 30ml

    Comorin Ginger Limoncello : 10ml

    Caraway Liqueur : 10ml

    Chablis (Chardonnay) : 60ml

    Topped up with Comorin Ginger Ale and Prosecco. 


    Pour Green Apple Gin, Ginger Limoncello,

    Caraway Liqueur and Chablis into the goblet

    glass. Fill the glass with lots of Ice and then

    topped up with Prosecco with Splash of

    Ginger Ale


Ingredients, Glass : Champagne Tulip, Garnish : Hibiscus Flower 

    Comorin Orange Gin Liqueur : 30ml

    Fresh Grapefruit Juice : 40ml

    Rose Water : 4 dashes

    Prosecco : to top

    Tonic Water Foam : Layer on top

Method : 

    Pour Comorin orange liqueur, fresh

    grapefruit juice and rose water in shaker.

    Add lots of ice and shake. Double strain the

    liquid into tulip glass topped up with

    Prosecco and layer with tonic water foam

Sous Vide Gin Rose and Hibiscus

Ingredients, Glass : Goblet: Garnish : Orange Slice

    Gin Infused (Sous Vide) : 50ml

    with Dry Rose Petals, Dry Hibiscus Flowers

    Tonic Water and Comorin Ginger Ale : To Top

Method (Sous Vide) : 

    In a Sous vide bag pour gin, dry rose petals and hibiscus flowers.

    Sous vide at 70 degrees for a minute.

    Dip the same bag into the cold water bath.

    Pour the infused gin in goblet

    Add lots of ice

    Topped up with tonic water and Ginger Ale