Queen Elizabeth Launches Line Of Royal Condiments; Price May Shock
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @hm.queenelizabeth

The British royalty is one of the very few royal families that continue to influence many in the world. If you have been following the activities of the royal family, besides watching ‘The Crown’ on Netflix, you would know many little things about Queen Elizabeth II herself. Especially her love for burgers. Yes, if you weren’t aware, the monarch is a fan of burgers, and this fact was shared by the Royal Chef Darren O’Grady himself in a report by British Heritage Travel. 

The chef has spent 15 years cooking for the monarch and the rest of the royal family members. He shared that Her Majesty typically avoids fast food, but when she does indulge once in a while, then that would be a customised hamburger, that too without buns, and served with cranberries rather than ketchup. He further reveals that this unique burger is made keeping all her food preferences in mind.  

It seems like Queen Elizabeth II has taken her love for burgers a step ahead as she recently introduced a line of new Royal condiments in the market under the name ‘Royal Estate’. Intrigued? Well, according to reports by The Sun, the food brand includes two condiments - tomato ketchup and brown sauce, a British condiment similar to the popular Worcestershire sauce.

It is also said that both these condiments are being made at the Royal family’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk, using local ingredients grown there. That’s not all. These exclusive ketchups are said to be available for the common people at the Sandringham Royal Estate online shop in near future. This is definitely exciting news for the fans of the British Royal family. Isn’t it? 

But the price of these condiments are definitely the catch here. As per an Instagram post by ‘royaltypastandpresent’, these products will be available for over nine dollars (approx. ₹670) for a 10 oz. (284 grams approximately) glass bottle. Yes, you read that right. These condiments do come with a heavy price, literally.

Now you must be wondering what’s in it for such a high price. According to a report in People magazine, the tomato ketchup, which is marketed as “ideal for breakfast or any time of the day”, is flavoured with dates, apple juice and spices. The brown sauce, on the other hand, comes “packed with vinegar and spices”. 

The 95-year-old queen’s foray into the world of food and drinks was first in 2020 when Buckingham Palace launched its very own gin. Many of its ingredients came straight from the backyard of Queen Elizabeth's London home. 

The launch of these condiments are sure going to attract many commoners, the price though may not.  Would you want to give these Royal condiments a try? Let us know.