Pudina Paratha; Minty Touch To Your Breakfast
Image Credit: Pudina paratha/ Instagram- witheasekitchen

An Indian flatbread called a pudina paratha is savoury and minty and is used to scoop up dals and stews. If you've ever dined at an Indian restaurant, the odds are good that you've ordered a flaky, mint-stuffed flatbread called a pudina paratha or mint paratha. It works especially well for slurping up hot gravies and curries, and the mint adds a lovely, refreshing touch. The easiest mint paratha recipe involves just combining chopped, fresh mint into the dough before rolling it out, much like one does with spinach. Another way of making pudina paratha is preparing it like a lachha paratha. It is a refreshing recipe for summers which is minty and deliciously filling. 

Here's how you can make pudina paratha at home


1. 2 cup wheat flour/atta

2. ¼ tsp turmeric / haldi

3. ½ tsp Kashmiri red chilli powder / lal mirch powder

4. 1 tsp cumin/jeera

5. ¼ tsp coriander powder

6. ¼ tsp garam masala

7. 1 tsp ginger paste

8. ½ tsp chaat masala

9. ¼ tsp pepper (crushed)

10. 2 tsp oil

11. ½ tsp salt

12. ½ cup pudina/mint (finely chopped)

13. water to knead the dough

14. oil for roasting

Pudina paratha/ Pinterest.com

1. First, make the dough by combining all of the aforementioned ingredients.

2. First, squeeze a dough ball that is about that size, roll it, and flatten it. Sprinkle with some wheat flour as well.

3. Then roll it into a chapati-like thin circle. Roll out as thinly as you can.

4. Sprinkle wheat flour on top of the chapati after greasing it with oil. This aids in obtaining flaky layers. Now begin folding with your fingers to make pleats.

5. Stretch the dough in the pleats as much as you can.

6. The pleated dough should now be rolled up like a swiss roll.

7. Moreover, firmly secure the end by pressing.

8. Dust the rolled-up ball with some wheat flour.

9. And begin to roll into a little circle. Rolling too thin will prevent you from enjoying the layers.

10. Put the rolled paratha on a heated chapati tawa.

11. Flip off and cook the other side after a minute.

12. Grease with oil after the golden brown spots begin to develop on both sides.

13. Also, turn over and cook both sides.

14. The paratha is then crushed to create layers.

15. Finally, serve the pudina paratha right away with aloo matar or your preferred curry.