Protein Rich Cream Soups For Winter
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As the weather turns chilly, there's nothing like curling up with a bowl of soup. For your next couch session, try one of these warm, creamy soup recipes. These soups can assist you in meeting your protein requirements to support healthy digestion, healthy ageing, and a strong immune system because they include at least 15 grammes of protein per serving.

Creamy rotisserie chicken noodle soup

This flavorful soup made from rotisserie chicken has a chicken pot pie-like texture. To cut down on prep time, we recommend using rotisserie chicken; seek for a big one with plenty of breast fat. If you're feeling especially hungry, serve this hearty and simple soup dish with a green salad.\

Chicken and broccoli soup

This simple chicken and broccoli soup is rich and decadent yet healthy. While the chicken remains tender, the broccoli florets absorb the creamy soup's foundation. When you have leftover roast chicken or rotisserie chicken on hand, this soup is ideal for a hectic weeknight. Although the recipe calls for chicken breasts, you are welcome to substitute chicken thighs if that is what you have on hand.

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It's simple to make this creamy chicken and mushroom soup. The combination of veggies and thyme gives the broth depth, while the bone-in chicken gives it flavour. You can omit the chicken breasts and substitute rotisserie chicken at the very end if you're in a rush.

Creamy white chilli with cream cheese

Thanks to canned white beans and quickly cooked chicken thighs, this hearty and healthful white chicken chilli come together in no time. When your soups don't have much time to simmer, mash some of the beans for a quick thickening. The final touch of richness and a tinge of sweet tang is provided by cream cheese.