Fine Dining Etiquette: What Is The Proper Way To Use A Table Napkin?
Image Credit: Fine Dining Etiquette

When you eat in a restaurant or hotel, you must have noticed that napkins are often kept on top of a plate on the table. Many people pick up that napkin and keep it aside. But that's incorrect as those napkins are meant to be used; they help you avoid spilling food on clothes. Hence, to protect from these stains, these napkins are placed for your convenience. Unfortunately, several people aren't aware of napkins' suitable usage. So today, with this article, let's learn about table etiquette too.

What is the right way to use napkins? 

You may have seen people at a restaurant or hotel confidently tucking the napkin in their shirt. This method is incorrect. Instead, the right way to use a napkin is to place it on your lap after taking a seat.

What to do with a large napkin? 

If the napkin is big, then open it halfway and spread it on the lap. But if the napkin is small, then open it completely and lay it on the lap. This is the right way to use napkins.

Do not wipe hands with napkins

Some people wipe their hands with napkins directly after eating. But again, this is not the correct dining etiquette. Napkins are used after cleaning hands in finger bowls. You can lightly dab the lips with it, but remember, it's a napkin, not a towel, so don't wipe your face with it. If you are getting up in the middle of the meal and going to the washroom, put the napkin on the chair. This means you will be back soon.

Where to put the napkin after you are done? 

At the end of the meal, always keep the napkin on your left side of the plate. Don't leave the napkin shaped like a mountain or on the chair or even on the floor.

So, the next time you are at a restaurant, be sure to follow the correct napkins method.