Priyanka Chopra Ends Partnership With Restaurant 'Sona'

Priyanka Chopra is a start for a reason. Not just in Bollywood, she proved her mettle by working in Hollywood and as a Producer. PC diversified her endeavors by starting a restaurant Sona in New York in 2021 by Priyanka Chopra and Maneesh Goyal. After two years, Chopra has decided to end her partnership with the restaurant business, as per People magazine. Priyanka’s representatives shared a public statement saying, “Priyanka has stepped away from her partnership at Sona.” And yes, the restaurant will continue to stay open. 

It was stated in the statement that this business will always be a “proud and significant moment in her career”. The spokesperson added “Bringing Sona to life will invariably be a proud and significant moment in her career. Priyanka has always endeavored to bring Indian culture to the fore through storytelling, whether that’s via engaging content for film and TV, or a beautifully plated dish that embodies the haute cuisine of India.” "Stepping away from Sona allows her to broaden these ambitions on a more global scale, and she’s excited about the possibilities that await," added the Spokesperson as per People Magazine. 

                       Image credits: Instagram/sonanewyork

Sona’s co-founder Maneesh K. Goyal, in conversation with People Magazine, says that working with Priyanka "has been a dream come true." He said that even though Priyanka has moved away from the business, “her fingerprints all over Sona.” He added, “While she will no longer be involved as a creative partner moving forward, she remains in the Sona family, and we are excited for our respective new chapters ahead”. “We're grateful for her partnership and support," he added.  

Goyal said, "Priyanka has her fingerprints all over Sona." Let us tell you that Sona was started amid COVID-19 restrictions but that surely didn't stop people visiting the restaurant.  The restaurant offers creative dishes that represent different regions of the Indian subcontinent, including paneer tikka and Goan fish curry.