Dosa For Breakfast? 6 Authentic South Indian Varieties To Try

The ubiquitous dosa is a South Indian staple that is considered to be a staple dish. South India's most well-known morning dish is the dosa, also known as dosai or dose. A single mouthful of these wafer-like crepes, which are very thin and laden with flavorful masalas, will whisk you away to heaven. 

The fact that it is included on the list of the top ten most delicious foods in the world is not anything that we are screaming about. There are a multitude of methods for preparing them, and each one differs in the amounts of rice, lentils, and beaten rice that are utilised.  

Dosas are a staple food in South India that are typically prepared from fermented rice and lentils. They are served with a variety of sides, including sambar, which is a sour lentil soup with vegetables, and chutneys that include coconut, tomato, tamarind, and mint. This is one of the many reasons why a dosa is such a flexible dish. The ingredients, the condiments, and the basic flour from which it is created may all be altered, and you can have it either for breakfast or as a snack time. 

5 Dosa Varieties To Have For Breakfast 

Rava Dosa  

For many people in southern India, rava dosa is a breakfast staple. These crepes may be created in a variety of ways using a wide range of ingredients and seasonings, such as various types of dry spices and vegetables. Onion rava dosa, also known as suji dosa, is a crispy and flaky dosa dish that is famous for its thin and porous structure. Made with semolina, rice flour and plain flour, this pancake dish is a favourite in southern India. The batter for semolina dosa is thinner than the batter for typical dosas made with rice, which results in dosas that are crisp and flaky. It's perfect for any occasion, but most people enjoy it for breakfast in the morning with some spicy kara chutney and veggie kurma.  

Set Dosa 

Dosas vary greatly in size, shape, texture, and consistency, and there are many varieties throughout India. Set dosas, often called sponge dosas, are a batch of three dosas that are simple and easy to make and are from southern India or Karnataka. Rice, urad dal, and poha are the ingredients in this simple yet delicious dosa dish. The set dose stands apart from other dosa varieties because of its size, serving method, softness, sponginess, and lightness. With its three dosas per dish and the option to top them with chutney or coconut kurma, this breakfast meal is perfect for those lazy mornings.    

Neer Dosa  

This rice-based dish is among the most beloved specialties from the South Canara area. With no need for fermentation or urad dal, this nutritious breakfast alternative is perfect for mornings when you're in a hurry. Another benefit of using thin batter is that it may be poured randomly without the need for a circular motion of the ladle. A well-known dosa recipe made with rice batter hails from the cuisines of Udupi and Mangalore. There's no need to deal with the difficulty of urad dal batter in this simple, easy, and fast morning breakfast meal. Coconut-based gravies such as kori gassi and channa gassi are the most common accompaniments, although spicy kara chutney is also delicious. 

Ghee Roast Dosa  

Actually, you can easily try a plethora of different dose recipes with just one dosa batter. An easy and quick variation on the standard dosa batter is the ghee roast dosa, which is topped with a significant quantity of ghee and is quite simple to make. The unique and intriguing method of preparing the classic crisp dosa with melted clarified butter on top. The only real difference between this dish and the conventional plain dosa is the addition of ghee toppings. For a hearty meal in the morning, try this ghee roast dish. It goes well with both plain chutney and chutney pudi.   

Oats Dosa  

Dosa prepared with rice flour, powdered oats, and rava is a healthful, simple, and crispy dish. Here's a dish that's almost an expansion of the famous rava dosa. Serve this meal as a morning snack with a scoop of spicy chutney or as a dinner option; it's a nice change from the usual dosa preparations.