New Floating Restaurant In Prayagraj Before Maha Kumbh 2025
Image Credit: Ladki Foodie Full/ Instagram

Up until now, floating restaurants were a big hit in Southern states of India, because of beaches and lakes. However, despite having plenty of wide and cascading rivers, North India had not explored floating restaurants before December 2023. Prayagraj got its first such eatery on December 27, 2023, it has been a hit among locals as well as tourists since the inauguration. Built on the banks of the Yamuna River with a dock leading you to it, the food joint offers a one-of-a-kind experience and has managed to attract many people.

Following the success of this one, reportedly, authorities of UP State Tourism Department Corporation (UPSTDC) have recently submitted a proposal requesting the approval of the Prayagraj Mela Authority to launch another floating restaurant. The new one will be installed on the banks of the Yamuna River, beside the old one. 

In a conversation with news agencies, DP Singh, senior manager of UPSTDC said that the authorities are planning to start another eatery, which will serve as an extension to the existing one. It will be bigger than the present one and probably be able to accommodate at least 40 people at once. 

Features Of New Floating Restaurant In Prayagraj

The proposal for the new floating restaurant in Prayagraj suggests that the new food joint will have an open dining space apart from the seating area under the roof. It will be able to accommodate 10 people on the rooftop. With a large umbrella providing shade, the open area will facilitate foodies to relish the best dishes from the multiple cuisines served at the restaurant along with enjoying the view of the river and surrounding greenery.

The extension of the existing restaurant will allow the authorities to expand the space for the pantry which will ensure that the two restaurants can function without hassle. It will be equipped with tools and foods that will allow chefs and their assistants to cook delicious meals for customers. 

The department has decided to build the new restaurant on a budget of Rs 3 crores. The deadline to build and inaugurate this food joint is set before the Maha Kumbh, one of the major pilgrimages and festivals in Hinduism, which will kick-start in January 2025. 

Floating Restaurant In Prayagraj

Image Credit: Ladki Foodie Full/ Instagram

The current restaurant in Prayagraj allows people to order from their customised menu with dishes from different cuisines. It also has a slipway facility that allows customers to book six-seater speed boats to explore the Yamuna River and the surrounding area. 

The existing food joint can accommodate only 30 people, but the well-lit space boasting cosy interiors has managed to grab every eyeball in Prayagraj and nearby towns and cities. DP Singh added that the overwhelming response to this one has encouraged the authorities to submit the proposal for another one to help them double the capacity of people who can dine in simultaneously. 

It has glass pans all around and air conditioning, helping it to ensure that customers are comfortable inside the dining area, irrespective of the weather outside. The scenic beauty that the restaurant flaunts makes it a perfect space to take your partner on a date.