The 9 Best Mushroom Varieties For Delicious Meat-Free Dishes
Image Credit: Unsplash

Probably one of the most versatile items in the kitchen is mushrooms. A meat or a vegetable? So why not do both? Many people consider mushrooms to be among the healthiest vegetables—a superfood, if you will. Mushrooms are a very high-protein veggie, although they are technically fungi.

From a nutritional standpoint, you shouldn't use mushrooms as your only meat substitute. It would be wise to combine mushrooms with foods high in protein, such as tofu, beans, lentils, chickpeas, or other vegetables.

Sometimes the flavour of mushrooms is quite similar to that of meat. Due to their solid, sometimes characterised as "meaty," texture, mushrooms make a superb meat alternative. Consequently, texture may have an impact on flavour perception.

These little mushrooms also have a strong glutamate or umami flavour. This flavour is described as deep, earthy, savoury, and occasionally brothy. The umami, in combination with the texture, could give mushrooms a meaty texture. With so many varieties available, some types work better as a meat substitute than others. Keep reading to learn more about them.

White Button Mushrooms

White button mushrooms are small and stocky, with a hard cap and a mild flavour. You may use different spices to make them taste almost anything. These little white mushrooms are readily available in almost every grocery store. Although white buttons aren't the meatiest kind of mushroom, you can use them in a variety of innovative ways, such as grilled mushrooms, pasta dishes, soups, and pizzas, because they absorb flavours well.

They can also be enjoyed curried by making kadai mushrooms that you can serve with roti, naan, and dinner rolls.

Portobello Mushrooms

Its big size, rich texture, and varied flavour profile are what make portobello mushrooms so well-known. Because of its affordability and accessibility, it is well-known and frequently used in the plant-based community. Eatable as a giant mushroom or sliced into smaller pieces, the portobello is a delightful vegetable to work with.

Grilling or baking the portobello is a great way to prepare it. You can even season it and eat it as a complete "mushroom steak." It's simple to turn into sliders or sandwiches. The flavour of anything you marinate portobello mushrooms in will come through since they are quite absorbent.

Stuffed portobellos are a great way to enjoy these mushrooms in an Indian style. You'll need basic spices like cumin seeds, black pepper, etc. to make it at home.

Shiitake Mushrooms

The distinctive cream colour and delicate shape of the shiitake mushroom make it easy to identify. The finest results are obtained when using the shiitake mushroom while it is extremely fresh, which is available in most grocery shops. Shiitake mushrooms have a distinct earthy flavour that is rich.

The unique flavour of shiitake mushrooms often leads to their underutilization. People might not be able to fully realise its amazing potential if it is used with components that conflict. The flavour of this mushroom is enhanced by sautéing or sweating it. Fresh herbs and spices, together with Asian seasoning, work wonders to enhance this unique mushroom.

The shiitake is ideal when pan-cooked with a delicious soy or miso sauce, served with rice noodles and bok choy, or in a sweet-savoury stir-fry. When delicately marinated in a Korean barbecue marinade or a Chinese char siu barbecue sauce, the shiitake mushroom retains its rich qualities as well. They taste well in Asian-style soups like sour and sweet soups as well. During the holidays, the Shiitake makes a surprisingly amazing basis for gravies. The shiitake mushroom pepper fry is a great dish to give these mushrooms some Indian touch.

Cremini Mushrooms

Compact in shape, cremini mushrooms have short, thick stems and spherical brown heads. Their subtle, earthy flavour gives vegetable recipes more complexity.

Similar to white button mushrooms, cremini can be found at most supermarket shops. Interesting fact: Although they are at a different maturity stage, these are the same species as white button mushrooms.

Try this variety of mushrooms if you typically cook with hearty foods. It can be used in place of meat in any thick, saucy stew and works well as a meat replacement in pizza and pasta sauce. Cremini mushrooms are a great substitute for ground meat in meatloaf, shepherd's pie, and meatballs when paired with lentils.

Oyster Mushrooms

The stems of oyster mushrooms are thin or nonexistent. The caps, which resemble rounded leaves, can be either thin and feathery or fat and meaty. The most popular colour is grey, although it also comes in pink, yellow, and blue hues.

The cooking duration of oyster mushrooms affects their flavour. Quick cooking preserves the flavour's delicate, subtle seafood undertone. Extended cooking periods intensify the earthy, somewhat sweet flavour.

These kinds of mushrooms are becoming more and more prevalent in well-stocked grocery stores. Oyster mushrooms are also available in food co-ops, farmers markets, and Asian shops. These mushrooms are an excellent substitute for seafood, as their name implies. You won't be able to tell they're not clams if you try them in a recipe for clam chowder. They may also be used to make fish-free sandwiches and tacos.

Add some oyster mushrooms, edamame, or tofu to a stir-fried vegetable dish for a more straightforward dinner. It's similar to ordering takeout at home.

When preparing oyster mushrooms for cooking, a knife is typically not necessary. Small caps should be left intact. Using your hands, separate the bigger caps into strips. Not only that, these mushrooms can also be used to make a delectable curry that you can serve with your favourite flatbread.

Chanterelle Mushrooms

Although they are hard to come by, chanterelle mushrooms are well worth the price. They stand out from other kinds of mushrooms because of their sweet, nutty flavour. When cooked properly, chanterelles provide a fantastic replacement for seafood meats. Like you would with seafood, lather them in some rich sauces. Garlic butter, wine-based sauces, or just as a component of a substantial chowder.

Enoki Mushrooms

Enoki mushrooms resemble noodles with a little cap on top, rather than mushrooms at all. In the wild, the cap grows larger, but the cultivated type that is sold in stores resembles a clump of straw. Enokis are crunchy, smell earthy, and have a mild flavour.

For a more meatless alternative to noodles in soups like ramen and pho, try enoki mushrooms. Their umami flavour gives the soup a faintly meaty taste.

Though the flavour and texture of enoki mushrooms won't be as meatlike as other mushrooms like portobello, you may still be creative and try flavouring them like taco meat or pulled pork.

Cut off any rough parts of the mushrooms that are at the bottom. To use the strands as a substitute for noodles, pull them apart, leaving them whole. Cut the stems into shorter pieces for various recipes, or put them in a stir fry.

Porcini Mushrooms

Porcini, like many other delicious mushrooms, are mycorrhizal. This indicates that the mycelia, or subterranean vegetative development, of the mushroom, form a symbiotic partnership with plant roots. dried Porcini mushrooms. Rehydrate and include in ravioli, wild rice, or risotto. When combined with a cream sauce, it looks stunning. Its earthy undertone gives a substantial meatiness to a variety of meals. Taste them both ways for a powerful umami hit. They taste amazing, but they're healthy and wholesome. It is fantastic as a meat alternative in vegetarian cuisine and is said to have a high protein level.

Morel Mushrooms

Another wild mushroom that's unlikely to be found fresh in your neighbourhood vegetable market is the morel. However, you're in for a treat that's different from many mushrooms you may buy at the supermarket if you can get your hands on these sought-after mushrooms.

Their meaty texture complements their strong nutty and umami flavour. Since morels don't get slimy when cooked, they make a tasty substitute for chicken or pork in any type of pasta dish, soup, or stir fry. If you're looking for a meatier mushroom to eat, morels are a fantastic choice. One such dish that is highly enjoyed by using these mushrooms is morel mushroom and peas masala.