Poha Trends On Twitter As The Breakfast Dish Is Called A Salad
Image Credit: Poha is trending on twitter for a weird reason | Unsplash

Indians love their food. And Indians also love to talk, discuss and share fun moments over food. Whether it is crazy food combinations or new age trends of adding cheese to anything and everything, the Indian meme space is full of references of food. Every other day, something goes viral and becomes a cause of jokes online as social media users share their opinion on everything that's trending. One such incident happened recently when IndiGo airline sparked a series of memes because of its promotional campaign on Twitter. The airline called the famous breakfast dish poha a salad and since then, the dish has been trending on the microblogging site.

Poha is a very popular breakfast dish made with flattened rice, peanuts and minimum spices. It is healthy and light and nutritious, but no one ever thought there can be a comparison of this Desi dish with salad. Extremely common in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, poha is a dish that just cannot be ignored in the culinary scene of India. So, it was surprising when a leading airplane company made the mistake of calling it a salad.

Picture credit - IndiGo on Twitter

As a part of their promotional campaign to show that they serve fresh food, IndiGo had a post which had the caption, “Salads that are prepared and served on the same day, do try them. You’ll toss everything else away. #AiromaticFresh #goIndiGo “. Netizens soon noticed that the picture was not of a salad but of poha and freshly squeezed lemon on top of it. There were many hilariously responses to the post which ranged from humour to some people taking offence. 

Meanwhile, poha, our humble breakfast buddy, has now become extremely popular on Twitter and it has been trending ever since. It is an easy to make recipe and if you too want a taste of this desi salad, then try out this recipe here.