Poha To Raita: 7 Ways Aloo Bhujia Can Transform Your Food
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Aloo bhujia is the name that most Indian people are already aware of. It is one of the most popular Indian snacks that is present in the pantry of almost all Indian households. Aloo bhujia is such a versatile snack that it can be served as a standalone snack, with tea or even as a side snack with meals.

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Many people also like to have aloo bhujia with Indian flatbreads. This crunchy and flavourful nankeen is made by using potatoes and giving them the shape of bhujia. These are then deep-fried and covered in a mixture of different Indian spices. 

Most people will agree that this is a snack that is truly addictive and one cannot stop eating it even if they feel full. But an elevated way of enjoying one's favourite aloo bhujia is to add it to regular food and snacks. Here are some creative ways to use aloo bhujia to take everyday meals one step further.

* Aloo Bhujia Noodles

Adding some aloo bhujia to one's favourite packaged noodles is a great way of giving the noodles an oomph factor. Since noodles are soft and sticky, adding another ingredient that has an opposite flavour and texture is going to create a beautiful synthesis of flavours. One must only add aloo bhujia after the noodles have been cooked properly and are just about to be served. One can also squeeze some lemons and sprinkle fresh coriander leaves for the best effect.

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* Aloo Bhujia Sandwich 

Aloo bhujia sandwiches are a very popular concept in Maharashtra, where people like to make different types of sandwiches by putting a layer of aloo bhujia inside them. One such sandwich is the Bombay sandwich, which is made by using lots of aloo bhujia, mashed potatoes and green chutney. One can make different types of sandwiches, such as paneer sandwiches, chickpea sandwiches, and even chicken sandwiches, by adding aloo bhujia.

* Aloo Bhujia Fried Rice

Aloo bhujia fried rice is a delicious and extravagant dish that also gets prepared within ten minutes. A lot of times, one wants to eat something very tasty for lunch or dinner but cannot think of making something that also gets prepared quickly. In this case, one can simply make some fried rice by using the leftover rice. Add some chilli sauce and soya sauce to fried rice that is sautéed with some crunchy vegetables. On top of that, one can sprinkle some aloo bhujia for that extra crunchy touch.

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* Aloo Bhujia Bread Rolls

Bread rolls are extremely crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. These are the perfect tea-time snacks that are also enjoyed by children. However, eating the same bread rolls over and over again can be boring. A great way to upgrade normal bread rolls is by adding some Aloo Bhujia to the mixture of mashed potatoes and vegetables. This potato stuffing can be put inside the bread and deep-fried on a low flame. The aloo bhujia will remain crunchy and one will enjoy a tempting crunch on the first bite.

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* Aloo Bhujia Mirchi Pakora

Aloo bhujia mirchi pakora is an extremely innovative and interesting way of making delicious mirchi pakora. One has to simply slit a green chilli pepper in half and then fill it with some mashed potatoes and aloo bhujia. Then the whole green chilli pepper has to be immersed in a batter of chickpea flour and some spices before being deep-fried in smouldering oil. This flavourful snack is served with some green mint and red tamarind chutney.

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* Aloo Bhujia Poha

Spreading crunchy aloo bhujia on delicious poha is also not a new idea. This is the traditional way of eating poha in many parts of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Poha is prepared in its conventional way, and after it is cooked properly, it is decorated nicely with a lot of aloo bhujia, freshly chopped tomatoes, and onions, along with some green chutney. These simple steps instantly transform the regular poha into something unique and special that can also be served on special occasions.

* Aloo Bhujia Raita

Raita is a side dish prepared in India by using thin curd and some spices like salt, red chilli and chat masala.  To give it a crunchy touch, people like to add boondi, which are small and crunchy deep-fried balls. Instead of adding boondi, one can go for aloo bhujia. Though this is not a very healthy version of raita, it is surely delicious. It is important to make sure that aloo bhujia is mixed in the raita just when it's about to be served so that the namkeen doesn't become soggy and start getting mixed with the curd.