Poha To Masala Oats: 8 Hot & Wholesome Desi Breakfast Options
Image Credit: Poha, with extra peanuts, is a great breakfast option | Pexels

The festive season is here, which means winter is here. The cool winds and fog make winter mornings even colder and chilly. So, these mornings call for cozy, comforting breakfasts that not only warm you up but also provide the energy needed to go about your day. In India, we have many breakfast options that are not only tasty but also packed with nutrition. So, if you are prepared for the winter and need an ultimate list of hot and wholesome Desi breakfast options, read on!


Poha, a popular breakfast choice across India, is a flattened rice dish that's quick to prepare and easy to make. In winter, enhance its warmth by adding generous amounts of peanuts and seasonal vegetables like carrots, green beans, and peas. Garnish with fresh coriander and freshly squeezed lemon to add to the flavours. Poha also provides a good dose of carbohydrates to keep you energised throughout the day and make you feel full for a long time.


Recipe - Chef Ranveer Brar

Upma, made from semolina or rava, is a South Indian favourite that can be customised to suit your taste. In winter, consider adding roasted cashews and a mix of colourful vegetables like bell peppers and carrots to not only make it look appealing but also make it nutritional too. Season with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and ginger to give it a nice kick. You can eat it as it is or serve it with veggie-loaded sambar. 

Masala Oats

Healthy, tasty, and easy—a hot bowl of masala oats checks all of these essential criteria. It can be a store-bought premix, or you can actually make it with steel-cut rolled oats at home with veggies and spices of your choice, with the latter always being the healthier option. In winter, add a little extra pepper powder and green chillies to enjoy a hint of spice in the morning cold.

Masala Chai and Paratha:

Recipe - Kunal Kapur

Kickstart your winter morning with the classic combination of masala chai and paratha. Parathas, stuffed with seasonal vegetables like radishes, peas, and methi leaves or classic fillings like paneer or spiced potatoes, are a hearty choice. The warmth of the masala chai complements the ghee- or butter-filled, flaky paratha, creating a breakfast combination that is iconic.

Idli with Sambar:

Idli is not only light on the stomach but also a great winter breakfast option. Pair it with piping hot sambar and an overload of veggies like bringal, carrot, beans, onions, and tomatoes to make it the best winter breakfast combination. The pairing of soft idlis and rich sambar is not only wholesome but also a nutritional powerhouse. Don't forget to top your idlis with a drizzle of ghee and podi. If you like, add a side of coconut or peanut chutney.

Aloo Poori:

For an indulgent winter breakfast fit for lazy weekends, indulge in the goodness of aloo poori. Hot, freshly deep-fried puris served with a tangy aloo ki sabji is the most delicious combination you can have. The pooris can be made with a little ajwain, and the aloo ki sabji can also include peas if you want to add greens to your plate. A very filling option, a light lunch is the best if you are indulging in aloo puri in the morning.


Recipe - Meenu Tomar's Kitchen

Dalia, or cracked wheat porridge, is a nutritious and filling breakfast option for winter. Cooked with milk and sweetened with jaggery, it provides a wholesome start to your day. Add nuts, raisins, and a pinch of cardamom for added flavour and warmth. Dalia is not only easy to digest but also keeps you full for an extended period, making it an ideal winter breakfast for days when you are swamped with work. You can also cook daalia with veggies and basic spices like haldi, jeera, and dhaniya for an equally satisfying savoury option.

Sooji Halwa:

For those who love to have something sweet for breakfast, a bowl of rich and indulgent sooji ka halwa is the best winter option. Roast your sooji in a generous amount of ghee; add water or milk to it along with sugar or jaggery, your chosen sweetener. Garnish your bowl of halwa with cashew nuts, raisins, pista, walnuts, and all other dry fruits that you like. One bowl of this halwa is perfect for a wholesome, nutritious breakfast on cold winter days.