Poha To Chila: 6 Indian Vegan Recipes For Breakfast

First meal of the day actually decides how your rest of the day is going to be. Thus, it is essential to have a breakfast which is healthy and nutritious. There is a plethora of Indian dishes are we Indians can have every day for breakfast. But what if you are a vegan? Well, you don’t need to go for any fancy ingredients or meals as Indian cuisine has so much stored for you. There are some Indian dishes that are simple, vegan-friendly and gets ready in no time. 

Here are 6 Indian vegan recipes for a wholesome breakfast!


Well, sooji just doesn’t make halwa but upma too. Made up of sooji, peanuts, different spices and vegetables, this one-pot breakfast dish hails from South India. You can also label it to as the savoury version of our beloved ‘sooji ka halwa’. It is a filling and nutritious meal. Here is the quick recipe.

Video credits: Papa Mummy Kitchen/Youtube


If you are looking for a breakfast which is light as well as healthy, Dalia is what you need. Power packed with protein and so many other minerals, dalia has been an essential part of Indian cuisine for ages and gets ready in no time. Made with broken wheat, dalia could be sweet as well as savoury. For sweet dalia, one needs to add milk and sugar while for the savoury version, one can add an array of spices and mixed vegetables. 


Yet another breakfast staple across Indian households is Poha. Made up of flattened rice flakes, spices, herbs, onions, peanuts and curry leaves, poha is known for its simplicity. This vegan and gluten-free dish takes little time to prepare and makes up for a wholesome breakfast. To enhance the flavours in poha, one can top it with sev and lemon juice.  


This typical South Indian dish is a breakfast staple in many parts of India, not just South India. Made with fermented rice and dal, idlis are light, vegan and healthy. They are steamed and served best with a sambar and coconut chutney. To make it even healthier, adding colours, veggies or making them using millets is always a good idea. 

Namkeen Sewaiyan 

Every Indian household knows what is seviyan or sewaiyan is. Often used to make scrumptious desserts, one can also make a vegan and healthy breakfast using sewaiyan. All you need is some vermicelli, spices and veggies. It is very easy to make and would be something different from your regular breakfast staples.  

Besan Chila 

Could also be referred to as vegan omelet, these are basically gluten-free and vegan thin besan pancakes. Made up of besan or chickpea flour, curd and spices, these chilas can be ready in less than 15 minutes. One can always add onions and other veggies, to make it even more delicious and healthy. 

Which is your favourite vegan Indian dish? Do let us know!