4 Plant-Based Summer Recipes To Beat The Heat
Image Credit: Plant-Based Summer Recipes

Mention summer vacation and we are reminded of fabulous lazy meals connected with the nostalgia of happy memories with friends and family. Preparing your food may look like an easy enough chore for many, but summer vacations can be pretty daunting for those on a plant-based diet. But fret not, if you concentrate on the love, camaraderie and friendship that vacations incite, maintaining a delicious, healthy diet is more manageable. Clinical nutritionist Dr Vikki Petersen highlights how plant-based recipes can make your summer holidays a little easier.

Here are four plant-based options that will have even the non-vegetarian having a thought:  

Plant-based burgers

Plant-based burgers can be made from a mixture of fresh ingredients. Consider putting them together the night before, forming them into burger patties. If you do not have a barbeque or designated grill, then cook them over the stove. Top your burgers with grilled onions, plant-based “cheese”, and avocadoes. The base of your burger can be quinoa, black beans, a combination of nuts or tofu. 

Potato Slaw

Potato slaw is a plant-based staple that is extremely easy to make. What does it take? A single switch to egg-free mayonnaise. A nice benefit to cooling and cooking potatoes is that it takes out their starch which won’t leave you craving sweets, and is an excellent fuel source for the microbiome. 

Quinoa Slaw 

Quinoa slaw with shredded red cabbage, summer cherry tomatoes, green onion or red onion, yellow or red peppers, pea pods, garbanzo or black beans and avocado of your choice. The greener your veggies, the more flavorful they will be!

Fruit Slaw

Fruit slaw is a plant-based summertime favourite. Hence, you should use fruits that help prevent sunburn on hot summer days. Natural sun protection fruits include guava, watermelon, grapefruit and papaya that are rich in lycopene.