Plan Your Picnic Food, Know These Tips
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Summer is the best time to enjoy some fresh air with a delicious dish in hand, whether you're hosting a large picnic with friends or simply enjoying your weeknight dinner on the roof terrace. Packing your meal in a basket and heading to your nearest park, beach, lake, or other scenic spot for a picnic is one of the most enjoyable ways to enjoy food outside. While a picnic is a casual way to eat, there are a few ways to make it more formal, beginning with the foods and beverages you bring. Here's an overview of what to make and bring to a picnic, as well as how to set it up at your picnic location. 

Of course, a picnic begins with the food. The best picnic dishes withstand the heat, are easy to transport, and require only a few finishing touches once you arrive at your picnic spot. The majority of your meals should be completely prepared at home and ready to eat once you unpack. 

Plan Your Food 

Choose items that everyone can eat without forks or plates, such as meats, cheeses, and finger food appetisers. Then, if you want to make it a meal, add at least two more filling main elements and bring the cutlery or plates—but neither of these dishes should require a lot of cutting or work. 

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Consider what you'll need to serve your food and drinks once you arrive at your picnic spot. For small bites and finger food, light wooden or bamboo cutting boards are ideal. Main courses and desserts can be served in the dish that they were prepared in, and mason jars are ideal for serving condiments. Get lightweight trays to place beneath the food to keep it contained on the sheet. Bring stackable, lightweight, and difficult-to-break cups for beverages. Bring a washable tote bag or reuse your picnic basket as a food disposal container.