Places That Serve India’s Most Iconic Ice Creams
Image Credit: Vritti Bansal. Nirula's hot chocolate fudge is one of India's most iconic ice cream sundaes.

India has various iterations of ice cream, be it ice cream sandwiches, shakes or flavours created with local fruits. While kulfi is desi and has been around since the 16th century, ice cream is foreign and a relatively recent phenomenon. A few brands took it upon themselves to make and serve ice cream in India and there has been no looking back ever since. Here are five places that serve India’s most iconic ice creams: 

K Rustom’s, Mumbai

Originally a department store, K Rustoms went on to become an ice cream parlour in 1953. The place serves ice cream in one of India’s favourite forms: the ice cream sandwich. It’s a simple set up with a few plastic chairs—nothing fancy. Ice cream flavours include mango, rose, coffee crunch, apricot, strawberry, green mango, papaya, bitter chocolate, lychee, cherry, peach and ginger lemon, among others. All ice cream flavours come sandwiched between two thin wafers.