Pimiento, The Powerful Cherry Peppers
Image Credit: Pimiento peppers, Image Credit: chillipeppermadness

Pimiento resembles bell peppers or capsicums in appearance. It also goes by the name cherry peppers. It is a small sweet red pepper. To use it, one has to remove the skin. It is a frequently employed component in Middle Eastern, South American, Spanish, and Hungarian cuisine. There are different shades of pimientos, including maroon, red, green, and yellow. Some species change colour from green to crimson as they mature. Compared to red bell peppers, these cherry peppers have sweeter, more succulent, and aromatic flesh. You can consume the fruits fresh or relish in pickled form. A couple of popular uses are for preparing pimento cheese and pimento loaf. 

It is most commonly associated with the tiny red fruit packed into green olives. But it also has a host of remarkable therapeutic benefits.

Averts anaemia

The production of RBCs or red blood cells, which carry oxygen all over the body, depends on vitamin B2. It is crucial for iron absorption, a mineral responsible for binding oxygen. Anaemia can develop from vitamin B2 shortage in the body. Pimiento peppers contain a significant amount of this vitamin, which is a natural treatment for anaemia.

Good for eye health

According to research, consuming foods rich in vitamin B6 and other vitamins, such as folate, can help prevent eye diseases and eyesight loss. Since pimiento peppers contain 0.413 mg of vitamin B6 or 31.77% of the daily required amount, they may help reduce the progression of certain eye conditions, such as age-related macular degeneration.

Guards against cancers

About 163 mg of vitamin C, or 181.11% of the daily recommended dose, may be found in pimento peppers. The risk of cancers of the throat, lungs, mouth, colon, rectum, stomach, and oesophagus is known to be decreased by vitamin C. So, include pimiento to your diet plan to avoid practically all malignancies.

Pimiento cheese, Image Credit: Dinnerwithjulie.com

Promotes skin health and cell growth

Poor skin texture may result from a vitamin A deficiency in our body. Researchers have shown vitamin A to reduce acne and improve overall skin health. Pimiento peppers contain vitamin A, which is helpful for skin regeneration and wound healing. The presence of this vitamin in pimiento protects against skin cancer. It is essential to support all the skin cells externally and internally.  Thus, by continuing to generate more collagen, pimiento pepper consumption can endow you with radiant, youthful skin. This component is in charge of maintaining youthful skin and improving hair health. 

Puts a check on internal bleeding

Vitamin K. drastically decreases the risk of liver haemorrhage, inadequate food absorption, and jaundice. It may also be helpful for bleeding triggered by prolonged use of aspirin or antibiotics. Pimiento has a large amount of vitamin K. It is self-explanatory why you must include it.

Consume With Caution

People who are prone to panic episodes or are on blood thinners, should avoid foods from the chilli pepper family. Everybody reacts differently to this spice, so pay attention to how your body feels and use these peppers sparingly! Eating large quantities of pimentos might upset the stomach.