Pick Out The Perfectly Ripe Watermelon Using These Indicators
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Summers are around the corner and watermelons will be in abundance soon enough. Depending on what your taste preferences are on a good day, no one is going to be pleased cutting into a dry, partially ripe watermelon. Unlike most fruits that change colours or tend to have visible signs of ripening, it might be slightly difficult to estimate whether or not a watermelon is at a desired state of consumption. Using these sensory cues, the chances of you bringing back home the juiciest watermelon is sure shot.

Check the Stripes

The colouring on a watermelon is one of the simplest ways to tell how ripe or unripe the fruit can be. If the green stripes on the fruit are a dark, moody green and the light stripes are a pale yellow, the watermelon is most likely to be juicy when cut into. If a watermelon is shiny on the outside, it is likely to be unripe. Look for and pick out a dull looking fruit.

Locate Field Spot

The large, discoloured patch on your watermelon, also known as a field patch, should almost be a creamy yellow or orange for the pulp to be a gorgeous red on the inside. If the field spot is a pale white colour, you’d be better off picking another one instead.

Inspect the Stem

If the stem is withered and brown, your watermelon is ready to eat. If it remains green, you might want to wait for a few days since the watermelon may lack flavour or moisture content.

Knock On It

Give a gentle tap on the surface of the watermelon to check for ripeness. If the pitch of a watermelon sounds deep and hollow when you tap on it lightly, the watermelon is ripe and juicy. If the knock sounds high-pitched or denser, it may indicate that the rind is too thick or the need for a few more days to ripen.

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Pick Your Size

Pick a watermelon that is heavier than it appears to be. The higher the water content, the heavier it will be, which will result in a sweeter watermelon. When raised, the watermelon must feel heavier than it looks.

Buy Seasonal

As much as the idea of eating watermelons all year round, sounds amazing, purchasing the fruit when it is in peak season will ensure the nutrients to remain intact and also increase the chances of finding a riper, sweeter fruit than you would any other time of the year.