Peanut Health Benefits: Weight-Loss, Heart Health And More

Peanuts or groundnuts are one of the healthiest munchies to snack on, literally, at any time of the day. In fact, the memory of buying salted peanuts, or the spicy ones coated in red chilli powder and salt from the local chanawala outside school, invoke a nostalgic past reminiscent of carefree childhood days. In most Indian cuisines, peanuts are almost a staple ingredient. Roasted peanuts are added to curries, warm snacks like poha and upma or ground into chutneys. Groundnut oil is also used in many households for everyday cooking.

The groundnut is as nutritious as it is delicious, its earthiness filled with the goodness of protein, healthy fats and minerals like copper, folate and manganese. Because peanuts or groundnuts can induce satiety and reduce food cravings, they are recommended as healthy snacks for fat loss and for curbing overeating tendencies. Read on below to know more about the health benefits of peanuts:

Reduce Hair Loss

Eating peanuts regularly contributes to the production of collagen, or the protein present in connective tissues in the body. This in turn leads to healthy hair growth and reduced hair fall. The vitamins in peanuts also fortify hair follicles, leading to a reduced risk of baldness and the growth of healthy, long hair. 

Promote Weight-Loss

A low-calorie snack alternative for those on weight-loss regimes, peanuts are a quick source of energy. Snacking on peanuts also boosts metabolic activity which promotes healthy fat loss. Peanuts are a particularly effective pre-workout snack for evening exercise routines and give the body adequate energy without enhancing the risk of overeating.

Control Blood Sugar Levels

Grabbing a peanut bar or snacking on salted peanuts controls hunger pangs and prevents a sudden spike in blood sugar levels. Peanuts are recommended for diabetics as good options for afternoon snacking because they can help to regulate blood sugar levels without adding to the body's calorie count.

Improve Skin Health

Peanuts contain monosaturated fats which reduce the excess production of sebum that gives a slightly oily tinge to skin. Instead, eating peanuts can promote a healthy glow while reducing the tendency to get acne or pimple breakouts. Peanuts also contain vitamins C and E which slow down ageing and prevent fine lines.

Reduce Cancer Risk

Eating a few roasted peanuts every day has been known to provide the body with beta-sitosterol which obstructs the growth of tumours. Peanuts are particularly beneficial for women to reduce the risk of cervical and breast cancer. Salted peanuts or peanut chaat had in moderate proportions a few times a week can work wonders on the body.

Promote Heart Health

Peanuts are rich in good, healthy fats which improve levels of good cholesterol in the body. This leads to a reduced risk of cardiovascular illnesses and strengthens the heart. Peanuts are also rich sources of amino acids that protect the inner lining of arteries, warding off the risk of developing severe heart conditions.