Pasta Etiquettes You Probably Didn’t Know About
Image Credit: Pasta Etiquette

A bowl of saucy pasta makes for the best comfort meal. If you’re eating pasta at home, there are no rules that you need to follow with regard to the eating etiquette. However, while dining out, there are certain yays and nays that you must keep in mind, about the correct ways in which you should eat your favourite pasta. 

1) Pair the right shape with the right sauce 

Remember that there are no hard and fast rules to this eating etiquette. However, certain types of pastas go well with specific sauces. For example thin and delicate strands work well with smooth sauces and twisted and ribbon shaped pastas, hold heavier sauces well. Therefore, before ordering your customised pasta, be sure to keep in mind which type of sauce will go well with which shape of pasta. Not only will you be able to enjoy your meal more, you’ll also be able to finish the pasta easily as certain shapes roll in specific sauces more easily than other, leaving less of a mess. 

Credit: Pexels.