Passionate About Passion Fruit? We Know Malaika Arora Is: 4 Recipes To Try
Image Credit: Screengrab of post/Instagram, Malaika Arora takes her daily dose of Vitamin C with some passion fruit.

Malaika Arora has been a great source of inspiration and motivation when it comes to fitness. The actress does a variety of things to look this way. From skincare regimes and healthy diets to pumped up gym and yoga sessions keep her on the go and make her so active. A mother of two, the actress has featured in several popular Bollywood numbers and films. She has even judged a couple of talent shows on television and her groovy dance moves have enamoured one and all. 

The actress is always enjoying a good meal. Be it her authentic Goan indulgence with all the local flavours on a plate or her curd rice combination that she swears by as a comfort meal. She even shared her heal meal recently which comprised of khichdi, papad and a spicy chilli achaar. The actress seems to be quite a food yet she knows how to balance it all together. She took to her Instagram stories to share her source of Vitamin C. It is passion fruit. A cut-open picture of the purple- coloured fruit seems to be the secret behind her glowing skin and fit body. Here’s what it looked like. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Malaika Arora 

Passion fruit has a sweet and tangy flavour that works well in case of tarts. Frozen passion fruit is used for the tart and the pulp is used for garnishing. The seeds of the fruit come out well in the tart and lend the dessert a chewy bite which is a respite.