Parle G Replaces Iconic Baby Face With Influencer's Face

These days Social Media is more than just for socialising, it’s a tool for brand engagement, and often in the most unexpected ways. Recently, Parle G, India’s iconic biscuit brand has used their platform to showcase a hilarious interaction with influencer Zervaan J Bunshah after he posted a hilarious Instagram reel that went viral. 

In the video, with a puzzled expression, he poses the difficult conundrum “If you meet the owner of Parle-G, do you call him Parle sir, Mr Parle or Parle G?” all set to the soundtrack of "Ey ji Oo ji" from the film 'Ram Lakhan'. The Parle G social media team didn’t miss a beat and replied, “Bunshah ji, you can call us the OG."

But the jokes didn’t stop there and the brand soon posted a picture of a Parle G packet, only this time with the iconic baby’s face edited out and replaced by one of a smiling Bunshah with the caption, “, “While you figure out what to call the owner of Parle-G, you can call us your favourite biscuit to enjoy with a cup of chai. What say @bunshah ji.”

The comment section was in hysterics as they appreciated the antics and Zervaan replied expressing his gratitude for the brand and the fond childhood memories he had associated with this beloved biscuit. 

This isn’t the first time Zervaan has engaged in brand interactions that have gone viral. Recently, he called out Lay’s India for changing the formula of his beloved Magic Masala chips, and after they assured him that it was a limited edition flavour and the original flavour would be back soon they invited him to the factory and even put his face on a packet of his favourite chips as a apology. These lighthearted interactions are a welcome addition to social media and we can’t help but wonder. How many more products will Zervaan get his face on in 2024?