Veg Food For Indian Athletes At Paris Olympics 2024
Image Credit: Pexels

While limited vegetarian options for Indians who travel abroad might have been a major detrimental factor, this might now be a thing of the past – as the Paris Olympics is set to take place from 26 July to 11 August this year. As a welcome shift from the usual animal protein heavy dishes on offer, catering authorities at the event have decided to share an extensive menu that offer 100% vegetarian alternatives to popular favourites like foie gras and steak tartare. The decision to adopt a ‘leaf over beef’ concept focusses on the dining experience in the Games Village – starting off with the canteen that will showcase a fusion of culinary styles like French, Asian, African-Caribbean and World cuisines.

Embracing the idea of a plant-based diet, 60% of the food served within the village will include options like meat-free hot dogs and plant-based tuna. Moreover, an extensive vegetarian menu which will include home-style meals of dal-rice, roti, a variety of South Asian broths, chicken curry made with minimal spices and aloo-gobhi. Since the idea of focussing on vegetarian food was a vision that took four years of work by the organisers to put in motion, it was also in sync with France’s commitment to reducing meat consumption. As a first in the history of the Olympics, the food served around the La Concorde public square will also be completely meatless.

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With over 500 chef-approved recipes set to feed 15,000 athletes, the canteen in the Olympic Village has been created to accommodate 3,500 diners in a single sitting. Dishes like falafel quinoa salads and meat-free burgers will be on offer for hungry participants and audience members, along with an 80% emphasis on sourcing produce from different parts of France. In an interaction with the media, the president of the Paris Olympics – Tony Estanguet mentions how collective effort is being put towards reducing the carbon footprint of the event, by way of a meatless dining experience.